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Expert eye care

Looking after your eyes matters, and McCabe Opticians is the right team to help you do just that. We’re opticians based in Barrhead. Call for an appointment.

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We can help you to look after your eyes

Many of us take our sight for granted – it’s something we’ve always had, and something we can’t really imagine having to manage without. Ensuring that your eyes are in good health is important as it protects your sight, and it’s our job to offer the eye care that you need. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of eye health professionals who are all approachable and friendly, and happy to offer expert advice as well as checking your prescription, testing your vision, and doing everything else you’d expect from your friendly local optician! If you’d like to speak to a member of the team, please visit us in Barrhead or call to arrange an appointment.

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Children’s eye care

Your child’s eyes change as they grow, just like every other part of their body. That means that it’s important to have regular eye health checks to make sure everything is developing in a healthy way. We’re good at helping children feel at ease during their appointment, and we have a range of smaller frames to suit every style!

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Is your prescription right?

How long has it been since you last got your eyes tested? Even if your old glasses still help make your vision clearer, they may not be right – our eyes change over time, which means your prescription may change too. We recommend regular eye tests to ensure that you have the right prescription.

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Eye health conditions

There are many medical conditions that affect the eye, and we are able to check for symptoms in many cases as part of a check-up. Cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye changes and more can all be checked for by our team of specialists. Call today to book an appointment.

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McCabe Opticians takes your eye health seriously. We offer professional eye care in Barrhead

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