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Thorough eye exams

Let the team at McCabe Opticians in Barrhead carry out an eye test to make sure that your eyes are in good health. Get in touch today to book an appointment.

Eye Examinations: Welcome

Free eye tests

Taking your eye health seriously

All eye examinations are free of charge at McCabe Opticians. At McCabe's, we have always prided ourselves in our investment in the very latest technology. If we feel additional exams (e.g. 3D scan) would be beneficial to you, we will carry out these exams free of charge (most opticians charge an additional fee for this). During your eye exam all procedures and results will be explained to you by our highly trained, friendly optometrists.

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An eye test in progress

Emergency eye test

Is you’re concerned that something is wrong and would like a member of our team to check your eyes and let you know what’s going on, get in touch now. We offer emergency appointments where appropriate and available, and our team has the experience and knowledge required to help.

Eye Examinations: Welcome

Local experts

Make us your first choice when it comes to eye tests

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Comprehensive eye examinations

A thorough eye examination will check the health of your eyes as they change over time, as well as making sure that your prescription is up to date. We will also monitor your eyes for early signs of a number of health conditions that can be caught early by professional regular eye examinations.

Close up of contact lenses

Glasses or contact lenses?

Whether you need a prescription for the first time or are used to needing a little help to see clearly, we have a range of options available to you. We have an extensive range of frames for men, women, and children, and can also offer contact lenses. Let our team know what you want, and we can help.

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Get in touch

You can trust McCabe Opticians to carry out detailed eye exams. Contact our Barrhead-based team.

Eye Examinations: Welcome

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